Template:Hideimage I've been in the shower for hours now, and I have yet to run out of hot water. I can't leave. Something sits on the toilet seat only a few feet away from me. He's watching me. I peeked through the curtain earlier, just to get a glimpse of him. I wish I hadn't.

I saw he had grey skin, and only a few patches of long, thin hair on his head. He had nails that could have been at least a foot long. But there was blood on those nails, with pieces of my wife's flesh still hanging off the tips of them. Every once in a while he'll make a creaky chuckle, a clearing of the throat to show he's still there.

I don't want to get out, but the water keeps getting hotter and hotter. I'm starting to blister. I stand here, with the boiling water hitting my back, and I wonder how much longer I can take this.

Original author unknown
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