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Template:Hideimage There is an old, white house in Woodford Co. between Lexington and Versailles. To get to it, you have to go out a long narrow country road. Sometime around the 1950's, a rich man lived in the house by himself. He had a blue 1957 Chevy, and he liked driving at high speeds. It takes a lot of skill to drive that fast on the narrow curved roads in Kentucky with all of the hills around. The man was so into it that he started doing time trials on himself, trying to get a faster time with each attempt. There is a blind spot on the road, a very sharp curve into a one lane bridge.

One day, the man came racing and skidding around the corner, right into a small school bus. Needless to say, the man and many of the kids were killed. His soul was given the ironic punishment of driving from the house to the bridge forever, the stipulation being that those are his boundaries. The reason was to serve as a constant reminder of his role in the kids' deaths, making what used to be his pleasure spot a torment-filled reminder in his undeath.

According to legend, his spirit can be summoned by driving to the old house and honking your horn three times. That will make the car appear and chase you, trying to crash into you. The only chance at escape at that point is to beat the skilled ghost driver (who knows every hill, twist and turn of the road) back to the scene of the accident, since the ghost can’t cross the bridge.

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