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If you have met Teddy, You know that you won't survive. He is a famous creepypasta in Call Of Duty:World at War. This is how it goes:One day a man went to a Garage Sale. He found something that he liked and played before. But his Brother, Jack, stole it from him. The man said that the game he was going to get was "Haunted". He didn't believe that. So he got it. When he played it, he noticed something strange. The game was NOT what it was: He could hear laughter,talking, and a Knife. Wait, this isn't the REAL game, he said. Then he got this message: LOOK BEHIND YOU, it said. He was shocked with FEAR.He looked behind him.He saw a teddy bear with RED BLOODY EYES.The teddy bear had a Knife in his hand. He tried to call the police, but the teddy bear said, DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.Now, he noticed that voice: it was teddys friend, Satan. (The Devil). Teddy appeared while the teddy bear was distracting him. He grabbed his knife, but the police came. They both disappeared. He said he saw a teddy bear that said that he will go to hell and die. The police talked through, then the owner of the game found his house and buried it in a country. That game is still Haunted and was never found. The teddy bear is a psycho. Do not play it or else you will die.His friend is Jeff the Killer who is one of the most creepiest ceral Killer. If you see him, please tell me . Sincerely, Teddy.

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