Hello fellow creepypasta lovers. I am Razor aka Razorwings.

I'm new to this site you call wiki but I would like to find out exactly how much of you humans really know about us........... Now none of you really know us though you may like to. you make up a silly story about us from small facts, and of course from my viewing of many of you not many talk about us in public. is it because your afraid that if our names are mentioned out loud you'll be targeted for our next victim. Now some of you may actually be stupid enough to believe that we target you because you know of us or you have your own fantasy's of meeting us, but anyhow I know the real reason nearly none of you talk about us in public. Appearance. if a person is in a public place they will do what they can to keep up appearances, but on the computer and internet were you can do anything anonymously who cares about appearance right? I bet for those of you who are reading this are saying "what's the point of this?". Well the point is for you to not care for appearances. Make our names heard. Spread the fact that we are real. we do haunt your dreams. We are waiting to arise from where we are to make this our domain. so forget making a good impression or keeping friends because what's the point when soon they'll all be dead. So don't take this as a little joke or prank take it as a warning of the upcoming apocalypse. we will plague your streets, homes, businesses, and schools. We are coming.

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