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''' Punishment'''
Maybe she shouldn't have done it. Maybe she should've. People were up to decide, if they ever found out what she did. They didn't even know her name, yet they judge her on everything that she does wrong.
Judging is what she hated the most, but she herself judged others. Hypocritical, right? She herself though so, recognizing her actions as she does something wrong once again. Guess it's time to punish herself.
People stop to stare as she walks past them, maybe the humiliation will teach her a lesson this time. They certainly think so. They made her do this. Maybe if she actually listened, she wouldn't look like the way she did now. But she deserved it. After all, she did do a bad thing. A really, really bad thing; enough to get starved in a cage by her 'loving' mother. But, instead of her punishment, here she is. Sitting in her desk at school, dulling out the teacher as she drew yet another picture of her perfect family. The bell was about to ring... almost time to go home.
She walked slowly, images of death and pain filling her dull, bored mind as she saw her house come into view. She was 5 minutes past curfew.. her mother would get angry. She flinched ever so slightly as she reached the house. She entered the house, shutting and locking the door behind her. "I'm home, mom." She greeted as she placed her stuff down, heading to her 'punishment room.' She saw her cage. Her imprisonment. It was like a dog kennel, with a dog bowl in the back right corner. Vomit and urine covered the cage and the floor around it, causing a terrible stench. She was used to it, though. She got used to the smell of death and vomit each day as she visited this room, to sit in the corner and stare at the cage; talk to her mother about her day and her problems, her grades and achievements.
Just like a normal family.
"Mom, you look stressed, let me help you," she said monotonously, slowly grabbing a meat mallet and heading towards the cage. She opened the door and dragged out her mother. Ah, her mother was so beautiful. Gray, decaying skin. Dull, filmed over eyes. Frail, skeletal body. A look of terror and rage adorning her face framed by semi-long, dead, light black hair. She gently placed her mother down, slowly stroking her face. "See, mother? Your face is all long and ugly, I must fix it to make it look pretty!" She said as she raised the mallet. She stopped for a moment, the mallet in mid-air. She took this time to smile, a pretty, innocent smile full of love. "Love you, mommy." She said, slamming the mallet down and causing her mothers face to cave in, maggots swarming out of her mothers face. She giggled as she repeatedly slammed the mallet down, over, and over, and over, and over...
She yawned as she looked outside, seeing the sky lit with bright stars. Slowly falling asleep, she smiled, holding her mothers body

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