"You Betrayed Me" Is The Title Of A Video On YouTube, It Is A Video Of What Appears To Be A Picture Of A Scary Red Yoshi With Black Eyes, White Pupils, And An X Carved Into His Chest. It Is Reported That Some People Might See Him Twitch Or Move, Even Though Its Only A Picture, There Is Also Static In The Background, And There Is Some Kind Of Reversed Music Playing. It Is Also Reported Some Of The People That Watched The Video Got Headaches, Seizures, Or Felt Sick After A Few Minutes Of Watching The Video, The Last Few Seconds Of The Video Is Static, There Was A Person That Watched The Video, After A Few Hours, He Felt Like Throwing Up.

I Watched The Video, But Somehow, I Didn't Feel Anything After That, Well I Sometimes Hear Voices In My Head That Says: You Betrayed Me, Why Did You Do It?, You Dont Know What's Going To Happen To You.

But I Dont Get It, I Never Betrayed Anybody, And I Never Understanded Why The Video Was Called "You Betrayed Me"

Well Anyway, Here Is The Video Link, Remember: WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK! You Dont Want To End Up Like The Other People.

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